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Ruck N' Wiz - The Essential Part (CD)

Image of Ruck N' Wiz - The Essential Part (CD)


Ruck N' Wiz - The Essential Part (2010)

14 self produced tracks feature international renowned artists as Masta Ace or Termanology and Prop Dylan from Sweden, Sako from France but also some of Switzerland’s finest as Nefew’s Polemikk, Manillio or Greis.

1 Intro feat. Polemikk
2 Another Day In My Life feat. eMC
3 Street (Skit)
4 Changes You Made feat. Nefew
5 Capitale Bilingue feat. Shork & Bab's Cool
6 Always There feat. Fashawn & Taz
7 At The Store (Skit)
8 You Know, I Know feat. Termanology
9 Waow, Waow feat. Sako (Chiens De Paille) & Greis
10 Rain feat. Ives (Delinquent Habits) & Bensch
11 Phone Call (Skit)
12 Seck Vou Tröim feat. Manillio
13 Being Real ft. MCP & Irina
14 Laisser Moi Sombrer feat. Flamme Du Nord
15 Throwback Pt. 2 feat. Prop Dylan
16 Tättowiert feat. Bash
17 Dumm feat. Tommy Vercetti
18 In The Lab (Skit)
19 Outro
20 Summertime feat. MCP, Irina & CWII (Bonus Track)

Format: Digipack CD

All Tracks Produced by Ruck N' Wiz
Mix & Master by
Artwork by Wes21


"The Essential Part" Snippets